VA Loan Limits: Maximum VA Loan Amounts for 2015

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For most areas of the country, the maximum VA loan amount is $417,000.  However, in designated high cost areas the maximum amount has been increased based on the median home values for the areas (according to FHFA).  Veteran mortgage limits for these high cost areas are updated annually.  To check if you are located in a high cost area and what the maximum amount is visit this link to the Federal Finance Housing Agency’s website.

If you need assistance determining what the maximum amount for your area is, and what you would qualify for you can contact a Veteran Mortgage Specialist who will be able to quickly determine the maximum amount available for your area, and how much you qualify for.  Simply fill out the short form to the right and VA Specialists with approved lenders will contact and assist you.

Veterans with Partial Entitlement

If you have had a VA mortgage in the past that was not paid off due to a situation such as being kept as a rental property or second home, or due to a short sale or foreclosure, you may have partial entitlement which will affect the maximum amount you can get with a VA mortgage.  In these situations its best to contact a specialist who can look up your entitlement and determine what loan amount will be available to you.

The VA Jumbo Loan Option

If you need to borrow more, and have funds available for a down payment  a “high balance VA mortgage” may be a good option.  Usually, a Veteran borrower does not need to put down nearly as much as they would with a conventional mortgage home purchase of the same amount.  The calculations to determine how much you would need to put down and qualify for are complex, so it is advisable to contact a Veteran Mortgage Specialist who can assist you (use the form to the right).  You can read more about jumbo VA loans here.